Eco Lips
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Refreshing for Growth
The Brief
Can stronger consistency across the portfolio drive growth?
The Opportunity

After six years of making private label organic lip balm for other companies, Eco Lips was founded in 2003. Over the years, the ever-expanding line of products had lost some consistency. The company looked to FUEL for help fine-tuning its brand identity, full-line packaging system, and outward brand expression in order to accommodate future line extensions and position the company to take the next step.

Eco Lips "Spread the Good" tagline graphic

Brand Strategy

Eco Lips makes products that utilize organic ingredients to better people’s lives. And as a registered B Corp, their purpose-driven way of doing business does so as well. FUEL helped tighten the brand’s storytelling to bring Spread the Good® to life.

Brand Identity

Over the years, Eco Lips had utilized a horizontal lock-up that was embellished on a case-by-case basis to align with specific products. FUEL developed a stacked, primary logo design that could be carried consistently across the entire portfolio. A horizontal version was kept in the mix for applications where the stacked version was not ideal.

Eco Lips brand guidelines

Brand Expression

Energetic and playful. Moody and grounded. Natural and comforting. The Eco Lips color palette requires plenty of range but must hang together as a cohesive unit.

Eco Lips custom iconography

Consistency in branding is paramount. So is restraint. FUEL helped Eco Lips reduce the number of fonts in its expansive typographical tool kit down to two: one for the logo, and one versatile family for everything else.

Eco Lips Plant Pod poster


To help Eco Lips stand out in retail, FUEL developed a system of consistent design elements – logo, typography, and an extensive color palette – with the flexibility to distinguish between the different product lines. It was a huge shift in thinking in terms of hierarchy, and it assured the Eco Lips logo had a prominent presence for quick recognition on shelf.

Eco Lips Lip Scrub product promotion

Web Design

As an ecommerce site, is built upon the Shopify platform. FUEL collaborated with another agency partner to help Eco Lips push the web design as far as possible within the constraints of the platform, while achieving the UX feel of a custom build.


Art meets copy to create a pool of creative resources that would be ready when called upon. Easily convertible for web, digital ads, social posts, and point-of-sale, this is where the brand expression is brought to life.

Eco Lips branded blue t-shirt
Eco Lips green t-shirt with graphic logo
Eco Lips branded pouches


Eco Lips award

Identity Mark | Excellence Award

2021 Art Directors of Iowa Exhibition

Bill Bollman
Creative Director

Bill Bollman is FUEL’s Creative Director. Before co-founding FUEL in 2001, he worked for Horizon Communications, JW Morton and Basler Design Group. Bill studied Illustration at Hawkeye Tech in Waterloo, Iowa. An expert in the “old ways” of hands-on print production, these skills influence his work in the digital world to this day. His work throughout his career has been featured in international publications including Graphis, How International Design, Communication Arts, and The One Book as well as numerous design annuals and reference books.

Hometown: West Union, Iowa
Involved in Design and Marketing since 1988
Interests: Fitness, Travel, Movies