Blink Vision
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Clarity in Communication
The Brief
Can design drive better patient care?
The Opportunity

Blink Vision by Veatch is an optometry practice in North Liberty. It has built a reputation for proactive eye health, expert vision care, and exemplary customer service. Dr. Veatch and his team came to FUEL looking for a partner who could realign their visual branding and expression to be more reflective of the delightful patient experience and take their practice to the next level.

Blink heart illustration

Brand Identity

With some minor adjustments, FUEL brought clarity and balance to the original logo in a way that offered greater flexibility moving forward.

Blink Vision logo before


Blink Vision logo before


Brand Expression

The brand refresh began by revisiting a drab set of colors that was not true to the spirit of Blink’s staff. Crisp whites, blues and greens were used to infuse vitality both in store and online.


Blink Vision brand expression before


Blink Vision brand expression after

Graphically, FUEL used a blend of photography, typography, and illustration to not only inform, but to convey approachability throughout the patient experience.

Blink Vision business cards
A Different Kind
of Eye Care.


For patient-focused collateral, FUEL designers used rounded graphical end points to tie back to the logo. The simple color palette was used to contrast imagery for emphasis, while conversational patterns work hand-in-hand with headlines in playful executions.
Blink Vision Blink Plus membership card
Blink Plus membership sheet


At some point, you must sell. And FUEL utilized engaging and informative materials to drive patients to online experiences for key periods of time like Back-to-School and Frame Fest which unveiled the latest frame designs.
Blink Vision back-to-school ad
Blink Vision back-to-school ad on the web


The brand strategy was carried through to social media to create consistency across digital touchpoints.

Web Design

Websites are living things and the current evolution reflects a streamlined approach to its UX. It was built upon the WordPress content management system to bring future flexibility to the build. Visually, the current site maintains green as a dominant color, but sets it against a warmer neutral canvas to further Blink’s connection between patients and extraordinary service.


Imagery is authentic, approachable, and sets the expectation for a delightful patience experience every time you visit Blink.

Blink Vision clinic with man and young girl
Bill Bollman
Creative Director

Bill Bollman is FUEL’s Creative Director. Before co-founding FUEL in 2001, he worked for Horizon Communications, JW Morton and Basler Design Group. Bill studied Illustration at Hawkeye Tech in Waterloo, Iowa. An expert in the “old ways” of hands-on print production, these skills influence his work in the digital world to this day. His work throughout his career has been featured in international publications including Graphis, How International Design, Communication Arts, and The One Book as well as numerous design annuals and reference books.

Hometown: West Union, Iowa
Involved in Design and Marketing since 1988
Interests: Fitness, Travel, Movies