Project Description



Our relationship with Cedar Ridge Vineyards owner and master distiller Jeff Quint goes back over a decade. It began with a conversation on a bare hilltop lined by cedar trees and talk of a wild idea. Today, the flavors and labels have changed and the identity systems have evolved, but one thing has remained: the hell bent pursuit of making great wines or spirits.

From the first distillery to open in Iowa since Prohibition, Jeff uses a grain-to-glass approach with ingredients harvested locally. Packaging reflects a small batch, local feel to ensure the premium, hand-crafted whiskeys command attention. After earning 2017 Small Batch Distiller of the Year honors, the reputation has grown, as has distribution. Cedar Ridge whiskeys will soon be available around the world.

Over the years, the vineyard has increased the number wines it produces. To maintain continuity across the lineup, FUEL helped evolve an identity system for the wine labels that allows each varietal to have its own personality yet hang together as a set.

It’s the ultimate story of starting small. A humble hilltop with a rusty tin shed has grown into an event center, still room, barrel house, tasting room, patio, and grain bins. Branding is carried throughout the property to bring consistency to the guest experience.