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The nights are long. The winters are longer. And for some people, the feeling of isolation can be too much to bear. Our client, Nations One, is building a network of radio towers across Canada. This network delivers Gospel content by natives, for natives, to transform lives by giving a sense of freedom, peace, and hope.

Nations One Home

Nations One logo and icon set

FUEL assisted the client with naming and design of the identity. Throughout the process, our team and client consulted with tribal representatives to ensure the colors and forms were closely aligned with the culture of native peoples.

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Rather than moving First Nations people away from their heritage, the Nations One mark embraces it. The mark combines the familiar shapes of a tipi and radio tower with religious symbols to further invoke the client’s mission.

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The team landed on a color palette that’s joyful and earthy. Yellow speaks to the energy and illumination of both the sun and the Gospel, while a warm brown delivers a strong foundation that harkens back to earth tones of Northern Canada.

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Photography, shot by the FUEL team on location on tribal lands, and typography choices were guided to be friendly, inviting and authentic. Both elements were integral to the organization’s website and collateral and will further credibility when raising funds to help reach even more people.

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