Cultivating Careers

FUEL designers Matt Kempel and Pat Prior shared their expertise with graphic design students at a recent Iowa State University College of Design Career Days event in Ames. The two-day fair provided an opportunity for students interested in all areas of architecture and design to learn from professionals in the field and explore career possibilities.

Kempel and Prior were the featured speakers at a packed panel discussion about the state of the design field. They also met with students in the exhibit area to answer questions, review portfolios, and share FUEL’s philosophy and collaborative approach.

“We wanted to share all the things that make FUEL a great place to work. Our culture, environment, and hands-on experience provide valuable exposure for young designers to begin their careers. The fair was a good place for us to promote the opportunity to stay in Iowa and do great design,” says Prior.

The event was a way to stimulate interest among promising young designers at a time when FUEL’s reputation and capabilities are growing, says owner John Moes. “The most important thing we do is hiring. If we’re going to attract top talent, we have to let people know what we’re about.”