New Look for Clearheart™ Spirits

FUEL was recently hired by Cedar Ridge Winery and Distillery to redesign its Clearheart Triple Distilled Fruit and Grain Vodka label and to create labels for two new Clearheart branded products, Premium Dry Gin and Old Cane Rum.

Over the past three years, FUEL has worked with Cedar Ridge on numerous design projects, including the company’s brand identity, wine labels and point-of-purchase displays.

With the addition of two new products, Cedar Ridge is expanding its flagship Clearheart product line to become more recognizable and noticeable on store shelves. Designing two new labels for the Clearheart brand gave FUEL the opportunity to evaluate the line’s original Vodka label and address the products as a family. “Our involvement with the visual evolution of the Clearheart brand is yet another example of FUEL’s versatility.” says John Moes, owner of FUEL.

The newly redesigned family of labels reflects a streamlined look, bringing continuity to the Clearheart brand. The bold, colorful label design will be immediately identifiable on store shelves and incorporate a refinement reminiscent of the Cedar Ridge line of wine labels previously designed by FUEL.Operating as the first licensed distillery in the state since Prohibition, Cedar Ridge Winery and Distillery offers a unique selection of specialty-made, small batch liquors.