FUEL Helps Rebrand Quad Cities Architecture Firms

When Gere/Dismer Architects of Rock Island, Illinois, joined forces with Davenport, Iowa’s SGGM Architects, they created the Quad Cities’ premier architecture, planning and design firm.

FUEL helped with naming the new firm and designed its brand identity.

Much like its predecessors, the new firm brings a service-driven and highly collaborative approach to commercial, health care, municipalities, residential and renovation projects. And the staff continues to make good on the commitment to architectural restoration and adaptive re-use to create well-designed, functional and economical projects.

But regardless of the pursuit, the firm is grounded in the core belief that good design is good business.


It’s quite common for architecture firms to carry the name or the initials of the principals. But in this case, we suggested a different approach in order to stand out from the crowd. First, we asked — what did the old firms have in common? While their services were complementary, the “one thing” they shared was proximity to the Mississippi River even though they operated out of separate cities and states in the Quad Cities. If you drew a line connecting the two offices, it crossed directly over Mile Marker 483.

Studio 483 was born.

And while architecture is central to the new firm, the term Studio hints at a broader array of services — interior design, restoration and planning — while giving a nod to the artistic side of the job.


When we looked at the landscape of competitors, almost all of them incorporated a square shape into their logos. So to create immediate differentiation, we focused on a circular shape which is a reflection of their holistic approach to architecture. Competitors also shared a preponderance of bright colors. To further differentiate the new entity, we stripped away color from the mark, leaving the “architecture” of the design to stand for itself… much like Studio 483 will be doing for its clientele.