Of Soul and Spirit — Finding a Company’s Essence

What is essence?

In branding circles, I’ve heard it described as the heart and soul of a company.

In a more ethereal sense, I tend to think of a company’s essence as its spirit.

Whether you know it or not, those surrounding your company will sense it whether you’re communicating it or not. And more importantly, whether it is a positive force or a dark one.

Chances are if you’re reading this, you’re aiming for a positive force because you care enough to work on your company – not just at it.

The next question that follows is, is your company also exuding clarity in messaging to support its essence or is it sending conflicting signals?

Things like:

What is your special sauce?

Why are the sum of your company’s parts more valuable than the parts individually?

Is this sum more valuable than the sums of your competitors’ parts?

Have you clarified and communicated clearly why someone should pick you?

Your customers want to get to know you, to understand the essence of who you are as a company. It matters.

And once they’re on board, they’ll help you build a community around your company, its products and/or its services.

When meeting a new client for the first time, the FUEL team begins to pay close attention to learn and understand exactly what IS the essence of your company.

I say, “begins,” in that the learning is an ongoing process that starts with the first contact and never ends.

We’re usually well on the road to discovering what it is and why by the end of the first couple of steps in our brand development process.

Then, our job is to help you to communicate that message out to the world through the appropriate channel.

– John M.