Creating Legal Distinction

A FUEL-designed identity created for the Arenson & Maas law firm captures the unconventional approach that defines the attorney group, which was formed in October 2008 and works primarily with businesses and corporations.

“We try to remain agile and responsive to the immediate needs of our clients, delivering services quickly and effectively,” says firm member Ryan Maas. “We’re tech-savvy and approachable, and not so concerned with the classical symbols of a law firm. Even our office décor and layout are designed to represent our firm’s culture and innovative approach. We wanted a modern feel that would draw a distinction from other firms.”

The firm’s identity, conveyed through its logo, stationery, business cards and office signage, features the partners’ last names in a modular arrangement that can be adapted to add other names in the future without altering the brand. The clean, contemporary typeface used in the logotype expresses the firm’s informal, yet efficient approach.

“FUEL’s collaborative style and organic problem-solving approach are similar to ours,” Maas says of the creative process that led to the new design. “They worked very hard to meet our requirements, and we’re very proud of the results. As a smaller firm, it’s important that we set ourselves apart,” he stresses. “We do that first and foremost through the way we deliver our services, but also through our progressive image.”