FUEL Wins Judges Choice and Eight ADDYs

Graphic design studio FUEL was honored with one of three Judge’s Choice Awards, along with three gold and five silver ADDYs, at the Cedar Rapids Advertising Federation’s recent awards banquet. FUEL earned recognition reserved the most creative work in the local advertising and design market with its entries in the categories of Collateral Material, Trade Publications, and Elements of Advertising for key clients John Deere Construction & Forestry, Luther College, and Tattoo Majik.

FUEL’s trade publication entry, a nostalgic yet daring ad for Tattoo Majik, captured the eye of judge Brad Norr, principal of Minneapolis-based Brad Norr Design, who honored the piece with a coveted Judge’s Choice award. Norr remarked that he was attracted to the illustrative solution of the piece. While “all three judges found this piece to be very compelling,” he noted, there were several strong elements that drew him to select FUEL as his personal favorite.

Tattoo Majik Ad

“The illustration is very well done,” Norr explains. “Lines are expressive; craftsmanship and attention-to-detail are professional quality. Secondly, the typography correctly feels ‘counter-culture’ and ‘zine-y,’ which I assume a tattoo product is shooting for. Lastly, I love the color palette. The background is delicate, receding, but still elegant. The palette is rich and attractive, a light touch, but very appropriate.”

FUEL’s lead designer, Bill Bollman, comments, “It is always an honor to receive such high recognition from our peers. Events like this reinforce the value we bring to our clients as designers, and give us an opportunity to gauge how we’re perceived in the community.” Drawing on its diverse range of graphic talents, FUEL’s winning pieces ranged from print ads and corporate holiday greeting cards to posters and interactive animation series, artfully illustrating the stylistic depth and breadth of the firm’s designs.

Ideas are Born. Brands are Cultivated.

All business starts with an idea. It’s usually a product or service that’s exceptional, unique, or needed in the marketplace. Eventually, those businesses hit a plateau. Or even a wall.

FUEL Co-Founder Named to AdFed Hall of Fame

When the call came in from the local ad club and they mentioned one of our founders name in the same sentence as “Hall of Fame”, two thoughts immediately entered his mind.

FUEL Honored at ADAI’s 59th Design Exhibition

Members of FUEL were in attendance at the Art Directors Association of Iowa’s 59th Annual ADAI Design Exhibition.

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